Providing High Quality Location Services

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About Verify POE

Verify POE is an established skip tracing company focused on finding consumers and verifying their place of employment for wage garnishments and other judgment execution.

Have You Heard About BigFoot?

Bigfoot is the secret to our success.We have developed our proprietary software tool named Bigfoot that serves as a foundation for Verify POE. This technology enables us to manage large amounts of data quickly and to identify opportunities for job verification.

Hundreds of ambiguous search results for each account holder are brought together into a quantitative analysis environment. Our proprietary software gives our data research team the analytical tools to systematically determine relevance of data, establish relationships between data points and to triangulate right party information with near 100% accuracy.

We are very focused on data security, and our mission is to provide accurate and actionable verification of employment services to help our clients execute judgments.