Skip Tracing and Verification of Employment

We help businesses find account holders and verify their current employment

Verification of Place of Employment

Use Verify POE as the final step in your skip tracing waterfall and add value to your portfolio. We understand how other skip tracing companies purchase their data and analyze it to find the employer of account holders. We provide incremental lift to recovery performance and judgment execution.

What Makes Us Different

We are successful at the end of the asset location waterfall. Our success comes from our unique job data compiled from multiple sources. Our proprietary technology enables us to efficiently collect and analyze data to produce bottom-line verification results.

Verify POE collects our own data and uses our proprietary technology to find potential employers based on a wide variety of filtered criteria to improve accuracy. Our highly trained Verification Specialists contact employers to validate jobs and ensure the accuracy of the data that we provide to you.

We achieve results by collecting our own data and comparing it with other known data sources. Our proprietary technology and detailed agent training provide best-in-class service while working at the most difficult stage of the skip tracing process.

Verify POE is using what we have learned over the past 10 years in the skip tracing business to further enhance our services. We continually invest into improving our services by innovating new data sources and uses.